About Us

Our Experience

We formed LearningWise in response to the growing need for businesses to be able to realise the most effective results from their training expenditures.

Collectively, we have been involved in training and development for nearly 30 years as facilitators, designers, developers, learner support tutors, and as consultants in performance management. We have worked with small to medium businesses, Tier 1 companies, and various government departments across diverse industry sectors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support businesses and people so they can succeed in achieving their goals.

How we achieve our vision

We use a multi-disciplinary methodology – ‘Enhancing Learner Performance and Business Outcomes’ that is valid and credible. We continually research and review the latest thinking to provide our clients and their people with the most effective method that will enable both the organisation and its people to achieve their learning goals better and faster.

What we do to achieve our vision

We spend time with our client to analyse their needs and outcomes from training. We also spend time with those about to undertake training to analyse their needs from training so that we can ensure the best learning environment. Together this gives us a picture of the best way to implement the training and transfer that training back to the workplace. As a legacy, we capture the resources throughout the process to build the organisation’s knowledge bank. As the learners apply their learning, we progressively review the entire process so the organisation realises their goals from the training, and the
learners realise they have succeeded in achieving their goals.

Some Testimonials

"LearningWise has been a truly positive experience for me. I was not really sure I needed a personal learning plan and certainly had no idea how to start the process, but Sue's guidance and expertise made this so easy and straightforward. I now have clarity and purpose in moving forward with my learning program and of even more benefit to my business goals, as it is all interrelated.

I would highly recommend Sue and LearningWise to anyone seeking focus and direction with training, self-improvement, and learning. The structured plan has really been of great value and Sue's fantastic at holding me accountable to my own goals and objectives."

Tanya Carlson, Amplify Wealth Management



I met Sue Leslie at Caroma Industries, Sydney in 2008. The contract with Caroma was to implement a workplace development and training program as part of their introduction of new technology. The training program was rolled out to every employee at the manufacturing plant at Wetherill Park.

I was impressed with the quality of Sue's work and the outcomes she achieved at Caroma. She was adept at engaging with, and earning the trust of Caroma's diverse multicultural workforce. I particularly appreciated her taking the extra time needed to work one-on-one with employees to ensure no one was left behind.

Sue Leslie is highly recommended as a diligent, knowledgeable, and capable consultant in her field.

Trevor Melksham, Consultant, GWA International

LearningWise Values

We value working with our clients to help them achieve their goals while building on the business’ knowledge bank.


We support our clients achieve their ‘success’ criteria from
clearly defined business outcomes


We recognise the complexity and uncertainty of our changing
environment, so our approach is innovative and adaptive, and
guided by a change management process


We continuously develop our skills and knowledge so that we
deliver an up to date professional service.


We will leave behind

  • Enhanced relationships
  • Increased knowledge & skills
  • Improved systems
  • Enhanced reputation

Our Guarantee

We work with our clients to achieve their training and business outcomes, and guarantee this commitment.

Professional Associations

Our team are members of the following professional associations. We participate in continuous professional development so that we provide you with the latest thinking and developments.

  • AITD (Australian Institute for Training and Development)
  • AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors)
  • IPAA (Institute of Public Administration, Australia)
  • NSW Business Chamber
  • Realise Business