The Challenge


Maximise your training strategy

Save time and resources with an effective training plan that not only engages your workers but achieves your business objectives. We work with you to develop a training plan that’s right for your people, and your budget, so that you know it will achieve the outcomes you want for your business.

Maximise worker performance

Tired of spending money on training to see no, or little tangible results back in the workplace? This is quite common unless you have a plan to transfer learning into measurable job performance results. We use a variety of strategies to ensure your workers are engaged and supported during the transfer period, and report back on their progress so you can see the results.

Maximise your return on your training investment

Find out exactly where your training investment will make the most effective difference to your business and people. Did you know only 8% of business measure their return on their training investment? You can become one of the few top performing businesses in the position to survive the disruptive future being faced by business.

Services for Businesses and Individuals


We conduct audits for businesses to determine the right learning and development strategies that align with business outcomes and compliance requirements.

Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis enables businesses to identify skills they need in their workers, currently and in the future.

Learning Support Programs

We develop learning support programs within businesses (eg coaching, mentoring, collaborative learning programs) to help improve learning uptake in the workplace.

Learning Plans

We develop Business Learning Plans and Personal Learning Plans to enable businesses and people to achieve their learning and business goals.

Future Proofing Plan

We develop future proofing plans for businesses to help identify and manage the changes in technology and skill sets; and to maximise their intellectual capital so they are protected against ‘flight risks’ (ie capture the skills, knowledge, and experience of workers before they leave)

Reporting and Metrics

We have a range of metrics to suit the business needs and size of the business to help businesses identify learning progress, business outcomes, and return on investment from training.

Workshops for Businesses

LearningWise runs workshops for small to medium sized businesses who would like to gain maximum value from their learning and development strategies. We recognise that most business owners are busy people, so we focus on YOUR needs so you get specific outcomes for YOUR business. These are NOT general content workshops.

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Future Proof Your Business Workshops

Gain an increase in productivity of up to 48% - a savings of up to 70% in time - a better work-life balance - and the opportunity to be around in 3 to 5 years despite the disruptions. The workshop consists of 4 stages:

  • Defense from Disruption diagnostic tool - this is complementary and part of our workshop resources.
  • Opportunities Workshop - where we provide the results of your diagnostic, and together, we identify the performance areas of your business most vulnerable to disruption.
  • Implementation Workshop - where we develop a framework to enable your business to benefit from the disruptions.
  • Performance Review - where we conduct pre and post reviews to determine the value obtained by your business, based on YOUR success criteria.

Building Resilience Workshops

Did you know that stress can cost a business up to $6,500 a person/year? There is a compelling business case to build the resilience of your people AND your business: you will improve your productivity, reduce your costs and risks - enhancing your competitive advantage PLUS you will build your business's reputation as an employer of choice - helping you to recruit and retain the best people. The workshop consists of 3 stages:

  • Exploration Workshop - to identify your current circumstance. We identify your evidence-based success criteria and the positive corporate business outcomes you want to achieve. The workshop also includes a complementary diagnostic tool that benchmarks your people's current level of resilience.
  • Resilience Strategy Workshop - where we work with you to tailor a framework, which includes a plan at an organisational-level and at a team/individual level.
  • Performance Review - where we review the outcomes achieved against the benchmarks set during the Exploration Workshop.

Social and Collaborative Learning

We run social and collaborative learning events to enhance and capture informal learning using a variety of formats.

Most workplace learning these days occurs in informal, unstructured ways, and because of this, most learning isn’t defined, captured, or valued. Our events will:

  • provide you with tangible evidence of your learning
  • guide you towards your learning goals
  • support your learning
  • make you accountable and keep you on track

Unconscious Bias Workshops 

These workshops can run as stand-alone, or within our other workshops. These workshops help businesses make better decisions; have better working relationships; and enable better innovative thinking. The workshop consists of:

  • Recognising Bias - where you explore and identify the hidden biases and identify the business processes, practices, and environment you wish to change, including identifying success criteria and metrics.
  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias - where we develop strategies to instigate change and keep everyone accountable.
  • Performance Review - where measure the changes using the metrics developed in Recognising Bias workshop, and establish an ongoing review process.

Learning Support

We develop support strategies to ensure businesses receive tangible results back in the workplace after a training event. The workshop will help businesses to:

  • liaise with the training provider to determine the performance required in the workplace
  • identify strategies that will ensure learning will be transferred back to the workplace
  • establish metrics to evaluate the progress of learning transfer
  • determine the types of support learners may need to ensure enhanced workplace performance

Workshops for Individuals

These workshops run independently. However, if you decide to do all workshops, we offer a discount of 10%. There is no time limit to complete each workshop.

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  1. Transferring Training to your Job – to help you apply the skills and knowledge back in the workplace after a training event. This workshop will help you to:
  • determine the performance gap between your current performance and the training you received/will receive
  • identify the metrics to evaluate your learning transfer progress
  • identify strategies that will help you apply learning to your workplace role
  • identify and deal with any challenges/issues that may impact your learning transfer
  • determine and establish the support you can access to ensure your workplace performance is enhanced
  1. Personal Learning Plans (PLP) – to help you develop your own learning plan to help you achieve your long term goals. This workshop will help you to:
  • determine your long-term learning and development goal/s
  • identify the skills, knowledge, and performance required to achieve your goals
  • identify the evidence to measure your progress
  • identify your timeframes, resources, budget, and constraints
  • establish mechanisms to capture and curate your learning and development
  • identify any CPD or compliance points you can capture as part of your PLP

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